IL2 WAR - New concept of dinamic campaign for IL2 Sturmovik 1946

News 19 feb 2011

Kyushu 1944

- new mission generator engine with up to 32 players plus random AI

- moving naval battles, moving carrier takeoffs, sea landings, moving battle tanks, and bombings around the world of IL2 sturmovik

- new game system with four damage level stages per sector

- new scoring system based on goal attainment

In order to play this map, you need a IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 4.09 or later, in accord with host. Read Planeset.

Are available 8vs8, 12vs12 and 16vs16 missions, minimum pilots for mission is 3vs3.

Remember this is a new concept of dinamic war read manual please.


Host players are kindly invited to report their missions immediately after .
Hosts who miss to send their reports will be banned without further notice by the site admins.

We launched this tournament with best intentions and with the precise purpose of guarantee maximum fun to all players.

Cheaters will be banned after proof. Obviously war is war and accidents can happen, but unfair behaviour, verbal offences and disrespect for any other player will not be tolerated.
Keep out politics opinion and nationalisms, honor your opponent whoever he is.
For the reason we mentioned, hosts-players are kindly invited to save a track and the eventlog of their games and to manage to email them, if necessary , to e-mail address below:
IL 2 War team welcomes all and wish great fun!
Archive: in these pages you can find the classifications of the best twenty, seen by different perspectives created him at the end of a map.

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