lets go in order :)

First thanks to Maddox Games for his excellent sim, not second to any other WW2 sim.. Bellum campaign is possible because IL2-FB design, It makes mission files easy to build (it is just a txt file) and every mission results very detailed. These two simple things, maybe not important for many other sim programmers, make a world of difference.

Second I want to thank all makers of online wars previous to Bellum.. I started to play several online wars and ,after that, based on what those projects offered and what they lacked, IT become an idea to offer the best of online wars plus new unique features: BELLUM . I can’t say Bellum archived that, but what we have in Belllum proved not to be so bad. Special thanks to Starshoy (VEF1 and VEF2 maker), and to VOW team. I really know how much time and efforts are necessary to make those projects. and

I have to mention Jiri Fojtasek for his great online lobby. He is creator of Hyper Lobby, where our campaign runs.

Special thanks to Pirx (88.IAP_Pirx for allow use his plane table. All his work on collection historic planes usage is excellent.

Now is time to thanks III/JG52_Meyer, for so many conversations we had, speaking about new features for Bellum. Many of the base options we have in Bellum are there because he pointed to me. With hose ideas Bellum started as a project and become public on SG1 squadron forums. Here I got the support needed on SG1_Gunkan to this project keep moving. You know, he was the one that saw the light.

After that, Bellum was developed by Spanish Community, and here a very important work was done by several squadrons, helping me to find bugs, to make new options, making suggestions, flying testing and so on. This squadrons I like to say thanks are (in alphabetic order): AA, AH, CN, E111, ECV56, ESA, FAE, FK1, HR, III/JG52, RedEye, SG1 and StG_111. Some of them with more participation, but at end, all help to develop.

Several persons help me a lot in particular problems and work (web site, templates, and other things): AH_Jacketon, HR_Ootoito, HR_Barripower, StG111_Darth_Rye, FK1_Sturmbomber, FAE_Almogavar, SG1_Cantos, III/JG52_Orka, FAE_Coyote. Later, when Bellum was on final beta I got help from not Spanish player: RR_OldMan, RC_Shtirlitz, ET=Mitya, LLv26_Mikko, LeOs.K_Anak, just to mention by memory. I really appreciated all help for this guys and forgive me if I missed some names, I'm sure list is incomplete because I got help from many other people.

I have to mention Junior (Luftwaffe 39-45) for give us permission to use images form his great website:

Thanks to Vladimir Shilnikov on providing Soviet awards.
Thanks to Baikal on providing more Soviet awards.
Thanks to LLv26_Pihi for customization of German awards.
Finally, I appreciated all people flying campaign day by day. That’s all folks :).

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